Friday, December 20, 2013

Results for the December 19th Health and Vision Event at Old First Presbyterian in San Francisco

Hear stories and see pictures from our event:

Today at Old First Presbyterian Church we held another San Francisco Health and Vision Event: 45 individuals were connected to prescription eye glasses, 40 had their portraits taken by photographer Vince Donovan, 21 individuals visited nurses, 15 people got follow up appointments with social workers at Project Homeless Connect's Every Day Connect, 11 people signed up for Assurance cell phones, others learned about the upcoming changes to health insurance, received lunch, socks, chocolate and clothing.

A big thank you to all the partners and volunteers who made today's event a sucess, including:
  • Old First Presbyterian Church
  • Welcome
  • St. Paulus Lutheran Church
  • Project Homeless Connect
  • Vince Donovan
  • The Castro Lions Club
Individuals connected to prescription glasses since our project began: 123

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