There are many ways to support the Homeless Vision Project and our Health and Vision Events:
  • Donate Funds: We are able to provide individuals with prescription glasses for an average of $50/person.  You can support the project through crowd funding for the Homeless Vision Project or donating to our partner organizations (Welcome, SF CARES and Project Homeless Connect) and indicating that you want your funds to support prescription glasses.
  • Volunteer At An Event: Join us at our events.  We need volunteers to greet individuals, help serve lunch, to support other volunteers and to provide medical care (if you are properly trained and have met the standards of certification for the type of care you wish to provide).
  • Share our Project With Your Friends On Social Networking
  • Invite us to Come to Your Town:  Pastor Megan Rohrer and Welcome, may be able to host a Vision and Health Event in your town or congregation.  Let us know you are interested by emailing:

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