Friday, September 30, 2016

643 Homeless San Franciscans receive eye glasses!

I wanted to let you know that to date we have been able to provide 643 homeless San Franciscans with prescription eye glasses in 2016!

Without my glasses I can't do anything.  I can't even see well enough to find my glasses in the morning.  Not only did we help 643 individuals see, we also helped countless individuals avoid headaches, to be able to fill out paperwork to improve their quality of life, to see dangers on the sidewalks and streets and to escape the difficulty of life through a good book.

A few of the individuals at our vision events discovered issues that required further medical care and at least one was able to get a life changing surgery in partnership with the Lions Eye Foundation.

In addition to all the great health effects, individuals who are used to hearing "no" got a major "yes."  "Yes," we can get you a free pair of eye glasses.  "Yes," you can pick out whatever pair of frames you like.  "Yes," the fine folk at Project Homeless Connect where you pick up your glasses can help you improve other parts of your life. 

Thank you for helping us say "yes" to 643 homeless people who needed glasses.  Over the next year we plan to continue our "yes" by partnering with others and doing what we can to patch the holes in San Francisco's continuum of care. 

Thank you for saying "yes" to our HandUp campaign!

Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer
Executive Director or Welcome and Pastor of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

The total number of individuals who have received glasses though our Homeless Vision Project since October of 2013: 2,530

A huge thank you to St. Paulus Lutheran Church and The Sam Mazza Foundation and the Castro Lions Club for providing major financial support for this project!